Quote: Lynn Margulis on Evolution

Lynn Margulis is a famous evolutionary biologist. This is her summation of the scientific status of Evolution:

Biologists have no doubt that evolution occurred. They even know what drives it: the growth of any population of organisms beyond the ability of the environment to support them, the appearance of organisms that have novel genetic traits, and the greater growth of some of those variant organisms leading to changed populations over time - the process known as natural selection. But biologists are still debating the details of how it occurs. The theory of evolution, like any other scientific theory, is being continually revised and refined.

... Scientific meetings on these subjects often generate great disagreements. These disagreements have been misrepresented to the public by creationists as evidence that the theory of evolution is in doubt. On the contrary, they are evidence that what is going on is the pursuit of science and not the shoring up of dogma.

Farewell To Newton, Einstein, Darwin..., Allen Hammond and Lynn Margulis, Science 81, Dec 1981, pp.55-57. Quoted from page 56.

Last modified: 23 March 1999

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