Voices for Evolution


"Scientific" creationists claim that theirs is a legitimate scientific endeavor, and that there is "abundant scientific evidence" that the world and its life forms came about exactly as described if Genesis is interpreted literally. The Voices for Evolution statements from scientists refute this claim of scientific evidence for what Craig Nelson calls "quick creation."

Another claim advanced by "scientific" creationists is that those who accept the idea that evolution took place are anti­religious. The statements in this volume from religious organizations make that idea untenable, a position with which the statements from educational groups agree. These two groups, along with scientific organizations, and that evolution is scientific, creationism is not, and that the Biblical literalist view is not the only view acceptable to religious people. As this book documents, mainstream Judaism and the major Christian denominations, both Protestant and Catholic, have no difficulty accommodating evolution to their religious perspectives.

We hope Voices for Evolution will assist in spreading this important message to members of the public and those responsible for the decisions which shape our children's educations.

The National Center for Science Education is funded by subscriptions, donations, and grants from a number of private foundations. The first edition of Voices was funded primarily by donations from the Deer Creek Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation of New York, the Richard Lounsbery Foundation, and a foundation which wishes to remain anonymous, as well as donations from members; the Esther A. and Joseph Klingenstein Foundation provided additional funding for the second edition. We wish to thank all of these individuals and organizations for making the work possible.

Eugenie C. Scott, Ph.D., Executive Director
National Center for Science Education

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