Voices for Evolution

Foreword to the Revised Edition

The clamor for teaching creationism has grown louder in the years since Voices for Evolution was first published. It is as if the call for creationism was once a faint rumble of thunder on the horizon, and now, in more and more communities, the lightning is striking. That's why a new edition is needed - not just to update the text, but because nearly every volume we printed has been distributed and put to use. Fortunately, as the threat has grown more obvious, the strength of the response has grown accordingly, and that is why we were able to add more voices - including legal opinions and a group of civil liberties organizations, as well as additional contributions to the sections for educational, scientific, and religious organizations.

Preparing this revised edition of Voices for Evolution, like working at the National Center for Science Education, has been a constant source of that special brand of pride and inspiration that comes from working with a skillful and dedicated team. With the first edition, Kenneth S. Saladin and Betty McCollister provided a strong foundation to build on. Countless friends and supporters of NCSE suggested possible contributors to this new edition, and the contributors themselves have been most generous with their time and eloquence.

The voices in this book, even though each one represents an important group of concerned people, are not the entire chorus. They are like the instrument that sounds the pitch so all the singers can work together. The other voices for evolution are teachers and parents, school administrators and concerned citizens and scientists - thousands of people across the country who work to defend evolution education in their own communities. This book is for everyone who wants to join the chorus.

Some years ago, a book appeared with the provocative title, "Steal This Book." I'd like to suggest something even more provocative: USE THIS BOOK! Use it when you're answering a creationist letter to the editor of your local newspaper, quote it to school boards and textbook adoption committees when urging them to adopt texts that teach evolution, donate it to a school library as a way of showing the staff your support for good science education. If you are fortunate enough to live in a community where good science is appreciated - and taught in the schools - give the book to a friend who lives in a community where voices for evolution need to be heard.

But Voices for Evolution is more than a tool for accomplishing a task - even an all­important task like defending truth in science and science in education. It is also worthwhile reading. Like the music that a chorus comes together to sing, the content of the book is inspiring. The entries are informative and perceptive. Use the book, and use it well, but please enjoy it, too.

Molleen Matsumura, Network Project Director
National Center for Science Education
August, 1995

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